HR in the permanent disruption era – it’s time for a new, global HR

Day Two - 30th Nov

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The promise of globalization is at a tipping point. Anno 2022, we are living in a disrupted and fragmented global world—very different from Friedman’s 2005 World is Flat—creating a new context of the world of work and the practice of HR. The practice of (global) HR seems to have reached an inflection point. Contributing factors are deglobalization, rising populism in many countries around the world, disruption of global supply chains, and the growing digitalization of HR practices using technology, data and analytics. During the past few decades, the body of knowledge in the fields of international, global and comparative human resource management has grown tremendously and constantly adapted to a rapidly changing global environment. This session explores the opportunities for (global) HR as we reach this important tipping point by looking at where we have been by sketching the context of global HR from circa 1980 to 2020; identifying the tipping point issues—rather than trends—facing (global)HR professionals today that can be used as opportunities; and focusing on the enduring values that underlie HR’s current raison d’être focusing on the activities that achieve sustainable outcomes. Standing on the shoulders of renowned HR management giants, I ground my reflections on where HR goes from here based on the expert views of these HR influencers. My purpose is to deconstruct the current complexity and allow HR practitioners to go forward—in the short and long term—despite an uncertain future.

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