MASTERCLASS: A Playbook for the Culture Agenda: Why, What, and How

Day Two - 30th Nov

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Research shows that corporate directors, financial auditors, and business executives at Davos believe that “culture” matters and is an increasing challenge in today’s organizations, particularly with hybrid work when people may not be face-to-face. In the COVID world—when many employees worked at home often isolated from each other—cultural and social cohesion has declined, often leading to lower employee experience scores and increased mental health challenges. Everyone readily accepts that organization “culture” exists and has impact. Creating the right culture will enable organizations to flourish and win in the marketplace. With so many recent ideas about culture, join Dave Ulrich on this masterclass, where he will offer a simple playbook for today’s culture agenda to help business and HR leaders navigate the culture issue: Why culture matters, what culture means, and how to create or change a culture

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