MASTERCLASS: Looking Beyond Hybrid – 4 Steps to Shape a Future of Work Strategy to Future-Proof Your Organization


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In this masterclass, Kevin will provide you with a template and a 4 step process to develop your Future of Work strategy. He will also provide you with a simple framework for developing Strategic Agility as the number one organizational and individual capability for thriving in the Future of Work. Transitioning to new flexible work models. Dealing with inflation and rising costs and a volatile talent landscape. DE&I. Sustainability. Culture & Performance. Well-Being. And much more. The short and medium term strategic and operational agenda for HR professionals and leaders has probably never been as full. And, as with the response to the pandemic, business leaders and employees are looking to HR for the answers. With such a full agenda, how does HR carve out the time to consider the longer term trends and ‘signals’ which are likely to impact the organization and its workforce in the future. But the evidence is clear. Those organisations who have anticipated future trends and conducted even small actions and experiments have continually outperformed competitors and adapted faster to disruption and opportunity, and with less effort and cost. They have also gained the reputation both externally and internally for being a progressive and forward thinking organization and employer. Developing a Future of Work strategy, to compliment your short and medium term people strategy and plans, has never been as important – and it is not as hard and time consuming as you might think. This masterclass will show you how it can be done with tools and case examples for you to apply to your own context and organization today.

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