MASTERCLASS: Leadership – No More Heros


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Leadership is most needed in times of change, uncertainty and crisis. We are living through those times. To support leaders in all spheres, this Masterclass provides a guide to the territory of leadership and its three domains: the strategic (head), the operational (hands) and the interpersonal (heart). It describes the tasks leaders have to achieve and explains the psychology of leadership based in personality. It argues strongly that complete leadership is the province of diverse teams of leaders made up of complementary differences. And now the best has just got better. The new edition shows how leadership has to change over time, describes how the most highly rated leaders achieve their goals and also elucidates the neuroscience of leadership to enhance understanding of leadership’s foundations. There is no one secret recipe for success as a leader. What this Masterclass provides is a framework to enable you to achieve success in your own way.

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