Reimagining HR Business Partnering

Day Two - 30th Nov

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The world has entered the new era of BANI “Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear and Incomprehensible” bringing lots of challenges to the workplace, whilst demanding HR Leaders to roll their sleeves, transform and expand their contribution across different domains. Employee mental health and wellbeing is becoming an imperative, whilst organizational success and sustainable growth in such a hypercompetitive world is one of the most critical files where HR’s intervention is becoming increasingly important. Promoting diversity and collaborative intelligence through cross-functional collaboration, and personalization at work are becoming exceedingly important pillars for organizational success. HR business partnering is much more than just a job title or a responsibility; it’s a critical practice where HR leaders influence organizational leadership, strategy, sustainability, alignment of employees growth and wellbeing with their impact on organizational success. For HR to become a true strategic business partner, they need to put the business in the driver’s seat and move to the designer, the shaper and the futurist roles to expand their influence and impact on the overall success of their organization.

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