The Great Reset: Sustainability is failing (& what we must do about it)

Day Two - 30th Nov

Speaker / Speakers

During this session former COO of ING, Otti Vogt will have a deep-dive conversation with renown author, thought leader Wayne Vissier about sustainability and responsible business. Wayne is the author of Thriving – a best-selling book that promotes change through innovation and transformation in nature, society, and the economy. Topics are wide-ranging, including evolution, ecosystems, psychology, mental and physical well-being, computer technology, blockchain, climate change, organic farming, plant-based diets, renewable energy, social business, and triple-bottom-line value, among others, to present a comprehensive solution for a better future. Dr. Wayne Visser is a globally recognized Cambridge “pracademic.” An idea-monger, storyteller, and meme weaver, he is the author of 41 books. His work as a champion for thriving, strategy analyst, sustainability academic, documentary filmmaker, poet, and professional speaker has taken him to more than 75 countries. He has been recognized by Trust Across America as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders in trustworthy business and named a top-100 sustainability leader by ABC Carbon.

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